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F1 hmmmmmm

Years over, done and dusted. Lets see how we did with predictions I made 7 weeks before the first race and 4 weeks before the rebadged Honda (the Brawn GP) car had seen like outside the factory.

Now a note for all those ridiculous stories about a brand new team winning formula 1, Brawn GP was not a brand new team.  The car had been in development for longer than any other car on the track.  When Honda realised in 2008 that they had brought a Civic to the track instead of the NSX they gave up all mid season development and focused purely on the car that Brawn had this year, before any other team.  That said, switching engines isn't a trivial matter as a car is somewhat designed around a particular engine.  But after allth at is said and done, they won both the drivers and constructors championship.  Which means big payback from the Formula One governing bodies.

As some stats.
Brawn won with 172 Constructor points, The same as Ferriari in '08 previous two years winners were over 200
All Teams Scored points (top 8 finish) on multiple occasions
only Two teams never had a top 3 finish.
Bernie is still a crazy loon who makes a ridiculous amount of money from the 'sport'

Ok where was I
ferrari to be weaker
The went from winners to 4th, from 172 points to 70, granted the Lost Massa through injury for the half of the season he got 22 points inth e first half, even if he'd scored double that in the second , they'd still be down.

renault and bmw to be stronger.
Wrong and Wronger.  BMW has now left all together.

Redbull and STR, dark hourses
Well Redbull were possible title contenders and held in there right till there were enough races left in the season.  STR took the wooden spoon.  They just didn't make their version of the car work..

Williams to be so bland no one cares, same with toyota
7th and 5th, Toyota gave people some occasional excitement  and just as the foudn someone who could step into an F1 car and drive, they pull out.  Interestingly Toyota never ran a hybrid(KERS) car. (which is good because it'd just be another thing for pribus owners to prattle about)

Force India to continue to wooden spoon, well with the exception of the as yet to be sold honda team -
Well FI scored points twice, Even a pole position, but still came second last,   Wow 'yet to be sold honda team' that's how early i made these predictions... We know what happened there.

Mclaren to be on form
They came third, which is pretty good considering they made a car that could not brake and turn at the same time.

Ok  the KERS (hybrid) stuff.
I liked it, i've always like the innovation that has occurred in F1.  Yes sometime things need to be banned ( traction contol) to make racing actually occur.  The concept here was good, but the rules to limiting.  So the rules are roughly a power boost of 61KW for 6 seconds per lap, deployable  by the driver, doesn't have to be used all at once.  Instead of limiting it to 6 seconds per lap, i though about limiting how much power can be statically held in the system.  The teams have so far formed a pact to not use it next year, even though the rules allow it.

Hmmm next year predictions..

USF1 and Campos to not make the starting grid.

Lotus and Manor will

Ferrari and Mclaren to be fast, but ferrari should get more points but having two great drivers, not one.

Brawn, well once again they don't know what engine they're using. as Mclaren has Veto power over who gets the Merc engine, so anyone who's a threat doesn't. So  They've already lost the dominance they had and they won't get it back.

RedBull To be up there too.

STR to stay at the back, no more customer cars means no more redbull hand me downs. well unless the FIA changes the rules yet again...

BMW and Toyota have already left. BMW has a buyer but no guranteed grid position, I think we'll see a Sauber(bmw) team, can't sayt he same for Toyota.

Force India, Perhaps they will learn that having the faster car in a straight line doesn't win races.

Williams, I'm pitting them as my dark horse for next year.

Renault get my bland award.

There you go, 14 teams, thirteen allowed in 2010, only 11 to start.

RTA gets something right? ish

So they get a lot wrong.  Occasionally get things right, like bike trails along side motorways (though they normally remove them a few years later)
This time they're corrected the license points system which they messed quite a few years ago.
Now i think when i got my license demerit points were 1 for 0-15 speeding and 2 for 15-30, it wasn't long before 15 to 30 got bumped up to 3 points, which i thought was okay, well not unjust.
Then they started getting silly, they moved the point for 0-15 up to 3 points and left 15-30 at 3. So points wise it was 0-30, why speed by 15 when you can speed by 30 and have the same license impact (ok the fin was different etc). better yet was stories of people losing half their license in double trouble times by doing 55 in a 50 zone, etc.
Anyhow they fixed it, kinda. 0-10 1 point, 11-20 3 points, 21 - 30 4 points.  So you can now not be totally paranoid about slipping those few k's and spending more time looking at your speedo than the road.

So live it up until they foul it up.

Oh yeah, it's a blog remember , no facts here have been checked :)

Alien Nation

So after a recent trip back to the homeland (insert oh so patriotic comments), I was once again how i stand out in my own unique way.
Any shop that i frequent, usually purveyors of a complete meal for under $10, knows me.  Now this isn't that terribly surprising in itself, it was when i thought about it at a more indepth level(well deep for me, i like to stay in the kiddy pool, erm for the depth, i better get back on track before i get put onth e black list) that it should out. 

Both nations in question here were invaded by the british, both now have very strong immigration policies. So in both nations i can look like the 80% majority (wikipedia*), but in one i open my mouth and instantly people brains click.  Again both countries, dispite the strong immigration laws have some semblance of multiculturalism (yeah depends a lot on where you go) and i tend to be in those kinds of places. so why do i particularly stand out.  Is it because people think i'm one thing and turn out to be another? anyhow funnier part time..... perhaps

So often i can be at purchasing an item and i'll be asked a question. and even more often i'll fail to understand it (yes i understand less questions than i'm asked, it's a skill), so i'll pause and to and process what they said into my native tongue, perhaps i might ask them to explain, but normally before i get this far they'll repeat the question, which normally doesn't help, but my favourite, is when they repeat the question in another language, which always give me a little chuckle.  This is where i'll ask them to explain it to my like a child,  Or i might ask someone i'm with to explain it to me, which is even better when they don't understand.   The rule at the end of this anything along the linds of 'that's good' 'i'll take that' ' STOP!!! just like that is perfect'.  These are generally followed by a look and a 'are you sure you don't want some X'.

*It's a Blog, i'll damn well use wikipeadia for referencees right.

F1 stuffles

So 4 races into the F1 season, lets see how wrong i was, and if it is any better than last year... thoughts on rules and general ranting.

Up first. how wrong was i (i'm goign to keep comparing to these initial predictions, no pussy updating them to make myself look good at the end of it all...  lets see i made the predictions on the 8th of feb. before 'brawn gp' existed.

ferrari to be weaker, - well this one is currently true, they're on struggle street

renault and bmw to be stronger.  Well Renault might be stronger, but PK just isn't driving well.  There hybrid system seems to be working well for them as other drivers have complained they cant pass PK as his KERs makes him quick on the straights. BMW = crap, not showing any promis really at all.

Redbull and STR, dark hourses, (will STR continue to get good ferrari engines or will they be lumped witht he second rate ones again). Well, well RedBull are team number two.  If Aussie Sebastian Webber could make his own luck they'd be scaring everyone, but you make your own luck..  As for STR, who can tell if they have good engines or not because of Ferarris poor performance, apart from that tey just middling.

Williams to be so bland no one cares, same with toyota  - i could eat some words here. Toyota is nipping at red bulls heals for second, and have only to turn in a win to cement themselves.  Williams = bland, okay they did have a fastest lap to there name, but nobdy actually talks about details like that. Nobody.

Force India to continue to wooden spoon, well with the exception of the as yet to be sold honda team - Force india, well this was an easy guess really.  Erm, the yet to be sold honda team is well, leading the championship. class that as a fail.
Maclaren to be on form - missed ont his one so far, They are comming 4th but not a title contender.

Ok a count out i'm going to give myself 3 on, 2 maybe's, and 5 dudes you suck.

Ok some teama nd driver chatter
Within teams it's always a little interesting to see which driver is performing better.  Generally teams have a favoured driver, indicated by the lower car number (also based on last years  progress)

Lewis H. is driving the wheels off the car and would be potentially 4 place in the championship except for his boss telling him to withhold evidence. His team mate is lagging.

There's been a swap here, but it is a little early to tell, generally close.

The four Sebastians
Young upstart Vettel is exerting dominance over Webber.  The other two S's could still go either way.

So last year The Cello stomped Butts on points, although the team gave Buts the lower number. which is how it's been working out onthe Track, everyone has been following brawns butts.

so numbers were swapped this year between drivers as the 2007 champ was beaten in point by his team mate in 08 (who was a contender for the championship down to the last lap).  and they look like they'll need to be swapped again.

Force india, Williams, Renault


Cause it isn't  surreal cause here it is in the reel

Anyhow so people had been talking about favourite albums and so forth so i was listening to some song by hitting up you tube.
So I acme accross this. The Cure performing live with the Royal Ballet.

(edit, i found a colour version, if you feel colour makes it to happy do a search)

Digital Idiot Box cut over

So with all this talk of being prepared or not for the switching off of analogue tv transmissions I have devised a plan.  Now someone else has already mentioned this, and probably in some kind of large public forum, but me and my cosy hollowed out rock haven't heard it.

Instead of just turning off the analogue broadcast, just slowly decrease the signal strength over a period of say, a year (you could even calculate population density in radial bands to do a fixed percentage of population in each de-powering).  Okay it sounds a little evil but look at the benefits.  No sudden rush to get convertor boxes, there will be a greater devide in quality between the two formats further incouraging take up.

Obviously i don't have an indepth knowledge of technologies but that never stopped me before

f1 Broom

So the 2009 F1 season is creeping up.  The following link isa to a cool animation by hte Redbull team which explains hte major rule changes, which are quite significant.

So of all those these I'll be watching for the following initially, How will teams manage there engine. Will they somehow tweak one for qualifying much like when they used to have special tyres for qualifying.
Also in the pre season some teams have bee trying external wheel plates which cover most f the tyre rubber, for better aero and brake cooling.   I've been speculating that this could reduce the risk of hte tyre puncturing if they clip someone elses car and also how much damage it will inflict on the other car, such as ripping off hte front wing which is now nicely exposed.
Not to mentioned is the fact F1 have asked the tyre supplier to create a bigger difference between the tyres, so that on the two types they get for a race one type should be at least half a second slower. (using both types in a dry race is mandatory)

anyhow predictions (which include personal bias)
ferrari to be weaker,
renault and bmw to be stronger.
Redbull and STR, dark hourses, (will STR continue to get good ferrari engines or will they be lumped witht he second rate ones again)
Williams to be so bland no one cares, same with toyota
Force India to continue to woden spoon, well with the exception of the as yet to be sold honda team
Maclaren to be on form

Stand by for updates on how wrong i am.

Circumference of a circle

This whole idea of having this crazy number in our lovely whole number system was buggin me. So i got to thinking, Which led to baking, This i must admit got me a little distracted, in this particular example, some finely chopped chicken thighs, a coconut curry sauce and puff pastry.  Pre cook the innards and let cool, put contents in the pastry and freeze.  When you want to eat one, just bung it int he oven at about 475 K Until golden brown 30-40 minutes.  I use metal pie tins so i place them on bottom rack of the oven so that the pastry will crispen up and not go soggy.

Pursuant to my original task a solution did come across a solution to fix that horrible value for pi.


Pie Town

This post is a little belated but hey, i had no pens to write with.

It was about 6 month of not having any pie (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_meat_pie).  Now it is possible for my to drive to a shop that specialises in selling Australian garb but i couldn't bring myself to do it.  I could however, endeavour to make my own, much in a way captains of the past would have had to cook their own.  I consulted no recipies, got myself a slab of steak, some gravy and some pastry.  Chop chop with the cleaver, pre cook the meat just enough, bit of mixing for the gravy, some pastry in a muffin tray. bung it all together in the oven and wait.
Then consume. Yum

Appropriate pie dishes were hard to come by, but I found some, correct some pastry selection faults and perfecto.

A Year

Damn annoying, I couldn't find anyone who had already done this joke so i had to go to the bother of making the image myself. Really is it worth this much effort? is the joke that good? I doubt it.
But hey the combined total of the time of all the people who read this might add up to more wasted time than me putting it together, even including this blurb which hopefully contains a few spelling mistakes and non sequiturs.